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Our global messaging platform has more than 100 innovative features to ensure that your experience is smooth and easy. Standard features include message templates, scheduling, personalisation, journey automation, sentiment analysis, and behavioral targeting. We make it easy for you to manage everything through a single login.
Platform Highlights

Platform Highlights

Campaign Tracking
Track performance from both the top level or campaign level inside the activity tab. View DLR’s, responses, soft bounces, hard bounces, clicks, and opt-outs.
Email to SMS
Activate the email to SMS function from within the platform with just a few clicks. It’s compatible with any email app including: Gmail, Apple Mail, Outlook, Yahoo, and Zoho. No installation needed.
Multimedia Messaging
MMS in the form of a picture or GIF can help maximise message retention. This service is recommended for exclusive invitations, special promotions, and high ticket products or services.
White Labeling
Clients can choose to white label the Burst SMS platform to become a reseller or to manage parent child accounts. This is commonly used for businesses with multiple locations, franchises, organisations, or for internal operations.
Campaign TrackingEmail to SMSMultimedia MessagingWhite Labeling
An Evolving Timeline

An Evolving Timeline

All features were designed with the user in mind from the start. Since then, the platform has continued to evolve through the direct feedback of the businesses it supports. Designed by us, refined by our customers.
Self-serve SMS
While operating as a digital agency, we discovered
that there wasn’t an easy-to-use SMS platform that
could simply send campaigns in bulk for our clients.
SMS Templates
2 Way Email to SMS
Convert emails to text, or texts to email without
installing another application. This service was built
to be compatible with any webmail app including
Gmail, Apple Mail, Outlook, Yahoo, Zoho and more.
2 Way Email to SMS
Emoji Keywords
Unique URL Tracking
Over time, businesses discovered the need to
decrease tech touches inside a single campaign
for accurate ROI tracking. Unique URL tracking was
added on the platform level to track the full SMS
user journey in the central dashboard.
Unique URL Tracking
Zapier Integrations
A new breed of no-code integrations started to
appear in the mid 2010’s. Services like Zapier
allowed businesses to integrate existing tech into
thousands of apps without a developer, all within a
matter of minutes.
Zapier Integrations
Full Service Multimedia
Full Service Multimedia <br>Messaging
Automated SMS Customer
Previously, triggering an automated sequence was
a manual process. This more sophisticated solution
allows customers to automatically trigger a
sequence of messages through specific actions.
Automated SMS Customer <br>Journeys
Branded Tracked Links
While crafting the perfect message, the name of
the link is often lost in translation. Similar to
branded opt-out links, businesses often find that
branded URL’s lead to a higher click-through rate.
Significant Performance
12 New servers and 100+ upgraded microservices
API Documentation Upgraded
via Postman
API Documentation Upgraded <br>via Postman
Self-serve MMS
Previously only Managed MMS services were offered. Now customers can send MMS directly from the platform.
Self-serve MMS

Our Commitment
to Innovation

We want to help businesses have as many meaningful conversations
as they possibly can. In order to accomplish this, we increased the
throughput of our messaging platform by 860% in the last 2 years,
and 1900% in the last 5 years.