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your future

We are searching for people who want to unlock the best version of themselves. Know that this is where you can take pride in doing your best work. Grow, learn, and collaborate with Known.

Step into your future
Our Mission

We make business
more human

Tech has and will continue to change the way we live. We embrace evolution and help businesses connect, without losing the human element which makes communication so powerful.

We envision a world in which businesses build lasting relationships with people through the power of conversation.

We make business more human
We make business more human
Company Founders, Brad and Alex
Our Company

Known doesn’t stand still. We evolve everyday just as technology evolves, and that’s why we’re one of the fastest growing businesses in our industry.

We own 2 core messaging products (Burst SMS and Conversr), allowing you the opportunity to evolve with us into a more multifaceted role.

Our People

We are committed to the development of our team, and offer uncapped growth potential for every member. Many of our employees have started in various positions, and have continued to take on more responsibility in different roles. At Known, your ceiling can be as high as you want it to be.


Leana started as our Marketing Director in Sydney, and relocated back home to Vancouver. This marked the opening of our first satellite office outside of Australia.

Global Flexibility


Maria started as our Technical Support Manager, and has since progressed into our Product Manager. She was able to relocate before returning from maternity leave.

Career Advancement

Creating New Opportunities

Jordan started as a Sales Representative in Sydney and became sponsored by Burst SMS. Jordan relocated to Brisbane and is now the Head of Sales (US).

Creating New Opportunities
Story Our People
Our Core Mindsets

Our Core Mindsets

Think with empathy

Together, we solve problems by thinking about human experiences. We respond in a timely and personal way, considering the needs of others. We understand that listening is the most important part of a conversation.

Break stuff until it works
We are not afraid to try a new way of tackling a problem. Remember that failure is a natural part of growth. Seek feedback, and use it constructively.
Simplify everything

Reject friction & complexity, and consistently seek ways to eliminate it. We seek lean and efficient ways to approach tasks and solve problems. Choose succinct clarity over complex explanation.

Ship it real good

Take pride in solving unexpected problems with unique solutions. Effort & attitude are how we ship our best work. Be timely in your approach, as the world is waiting for your innovation.

Bring your secret sauce

Own your strengths, and strive to leave your mark on this business. Inspire those around you by demonstrating your mastery of the things you are passionate about. Understand the immense value of sharing your unique experiences.

Flexibility is in our DNA

Hybrid Work

Our people have the flexibility to work from anywhere, whether it's in office or virtually

Work Life Integration

We embrace diverse lifestyles and find unique ways to balance existing commitments

Open Management Style

Report to inclusive managers who use an open-minded agile approach

Open Collaboration

No matter what your role is, we’re all ears and always open to an epic idea

Global Flexibility

The team works across 8 different time zones in 6 different countries
Flexibility is in our DNA
Team Manila

Caring for our People

Wellness Initiatives

Look forward to wellness programs throughout the year to support the whole you: mind, body, and soul

Monthly Bonders

Look forward to creative monthly bonders hosted by our amazing team

Knowledge Sharing

Quarterly “Burst of Knowledge” sessions run by the industry’s best

Weekly Wind Downs

Whether you’re in Australia or across the globe, celebrate Friday with a fun wind down

Annual Donations

The company annually supports and donates to charities and communities close to our people’s heart

Climate Environment and Governance Council

Making a difference in how we do business and make a positive impact
Caring for our People

Sharing the Wealth


All employees are included in our Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP) from the day they start

Bursty Business

Refer a business, and earn 10% of the gross profit during the first 3 months they top-up

Hey Taco Rewards 🌮

Earn taco credits when your peers thank you in our #general Slack channel. Redeem tacos for gift cards, meals, classes, activities, subscriptions, or even an extra day off
Sharing the Wealth

Join Our Team

Every person on this team has an inspiring story to tell, so let’s hear yours. Explore our open roles and bring your secret sauce. Discover a career at Known.